College TV Ticket began webcasting college sports in September of 2007. Our mission is simple. We are about supporting fine student athletes and their families, dedicated athletic staff, and alumni.

We contribute 30% of your subscription fee (gross subscription revenue) to the school you choose to support. Education and athletics are expensive. Your participation as a webcast spectator as well as your financial support are very appreciated by our College TV Ticket colleges and universities.

All of us at College TV Ticket know how important it is to witness our sons and daughters participate in NCAA sports. We are deeply committed to to providing a standard of quality and performance that far exceeds the norm. Schools are able to transmit in stunning high resolution video to your PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad. Many games are enhanced with live statistics including play by play, team box score and score summary. Depending on your conference, webcasts of many road games are available.

College TV Ticket offers special campus events such as commencement and performing arts productions. Special events are always provided as a free service.

Most importantly, we recognize how important it is to allow alumni and family members to feel connected their schools. Enjoy following your team and feel good that you are making a tangible contribution to their athletic program.

We always want to hear from you. Your suggestions and constructive criticism help us elevate our service. Please send us your comments by clicking here.

Dennis B. Jacobs
College TV Ticket