Prospective Schools

College TV Ticket has been streaming media content since 1997 and has been a distribution channel for live college sports since 2007.

Summary of Benefits for our client universities:

  • Revenue Producer – Member schools receive 30% of subscription gross (no cost to school/ no set up fees)
  • A donation link to your “Giving Page” is provided throughout the CTVT site
  • Showcase of college sports program for parents, family, alumni and local fans
  • 2 day game pass, One month, 3 month and annual subscription options
  • Ease of production – Schedule a game, log on and begin broadcasting
  • Broadcast up to 8 simultaneous games
  • School’s choice – Game film video and press box call or full production with radio simulcast
  • Away games are automatically scheduled if they are played and produced at a CTVT contracted campus
  • Performing Arts, Campus News and Special Events (commencement, homecoming, speeches, etc.)

Member schools will connect to their supporters whether they are local or across the country. College TV Ticket provides a great way for these supporters to enjoy the game and contribute to the athletic program of your school.

Game Video Display Including Score

The heart of any system is the video display. A click of an icon scales the video larger “Wide Mode” or in “Theatre Mode” occupy the entire browser without site controls to distract from the action.

In video score display shows team logos, score and time. A touch of a button reveals 2 lines of visual play by play.

Below the video (normal and wide mode) you will see 5 lines of visual play by play. Full team stats and full play by play in printer friendly form are also available with the click of a button.

Score and stats are received from the stat application you already use.

Production Quality

Our system uses H.264 adaptive video transmitted via the any RTMP encoder. Most schools operate inexpensive hardware encoders which provide superior quality, are simple to use and require no computer.

Quality of production is important when marketing the game broadcasts to alumni and sponsors. It is our policy to coordinate with the participating university’s internship programs in their college of communications in order to enhance the quality and enjoyment of each game to the viewer. This provides the interns with valuable experience and in some cases academic credit. It also helps to relieve the athletic department and team personnel of some production responsibility.

Event Statistics and Automatic Archives

Real time statistics are available indicating the number of viewers watching a game, who the viewers are, and subscription transactions assigned to your school.

All live events are archived for on demand play 4 hours after the scheduled event start time. Archives are automatically generated and included in a playlist that can be edited.

Robust Scalable Network

College TV Ticket operates its own servers connected to a Tier-1 internet backbone with off load through one of the most prominent video CDNs. This enables us to automatically and efficiently scale from small events to high profile NCAA tournament webcasts.

Cost and Simple Requirements

College TV Ticket is normally viewer supported so there is no cost to your school. We pay a royalty each month based upon 30% of your gross subscription revenue. Free access to students, faculty and designated athletic program supporters is provisioned for.

If desired, we can provide free access to all viewers. A very competitive rate schedule will be sent upon request.

Simple Production Requirements:

  • Any RTMP H.264 Video / AAC Audio encoder (no computer required)
  • Campus Internet or dependable 4G LTE service
  • For Live Stats and Scoring – Presto Stat Partners or compatible

Please watch the videos below which are examples of actual production events:

We would appreciate you considering an evaluation of College TV Ticket as a potential broadcast distribution company for your school, so please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly:

    CACC Women's basketball conference final produced by BTV
  • Saturday
    March 05 2016
    2:45 pm
    N#1 Bloomfield vs. S#1 Philadelphia (Jefferson University)
    Basketball - Women
    Free Watch
  • Men's Lacrosse with 3 camera shoot produced by TSTV
  • Saturday
    April 15 2023
    8:00 pm
    Watch Now! Encore Presentation – University of Texas vs. TCU
    Lacrosse - Men
    Free Watch
  • Football with play by play call plus live visual play by play/stats/scoring.
  • Saturday
    September 07 2013
    12:10 pm
    Rhodes College Football vs. Austin College Football
    Free Watch
  • Softball auto score-stats display and play by play announcer.
  • Friday
    August 26 2022
    3:00 pm
    Watch Now! Encore Presentation – Southwestern vs. Texas Lutheran
    Free Watch
  • Hockey 3 camera shoot produced by TSTV
  • Friday
    February 12 2016
    8:30 pm
    University of Texas vs Texas A&M University
    Free Watch
  • Women's Lacrosse with auto score-stats display and play by play announcer
  • Saturday
    May 06 2023
    4:00 pm
    Watch Now! Encore Presentation – Southwestern vs. Linfield
    Lacrosse - Women
    Free Watch
  • Rugby - Multi camera shoot with announcers using wireless phone for internet access. High quality with only 1 mbps of bandwidth.
  • Friday
    April 03 2015
    6:30 pm
    Varsity Cup National Rugby Championship
    Free Watch